A container for describing a network attribute evaluator for global turn delay whose values are specified by global turn delay settings.


A NetworkGlobalTurnDelayEvaluator is an evaluator that assigns network attribute values to turn elements based on the Angle of the turn element and the values of the hierarchy attribute of its first and last edge elements. It is used to add penalties when making a turn at a street intersection. For example, it may take longer to make a left turn from a local road on to a secondary road than it does to go straight on a secondary road. The NetworkGlobalTurnDelayEvaluator can only be set as the DefaultEvaluator for the esriNETurn network element type.


Interfaces Description
IGPDescribe Provides access to a Geoprocessing description.
INetworkEvaluator Provides access to members that specify the properties of an attribute evaluator in a network dataset.
INetworkGlobalTurnDelayEvaluator Provides access to the global turn delay evaluator.

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