ICategoryFactory Interface

Provides access to members that work with the category factory.


Use the ICategoryFactory interface to read the information in the registry to find out what classes are in a particular category. The IComponentCategoryManager is used for writing component category information to the registry.


Name Description
Write-only property CategoryID The ID of the category.
Method CreateNext Creates the next component in the category.

ICategoryFactory.CategoryID Property

The ID of the category.

Public WriteOnly Property CategoryID
public void CategoryID {set;}


Set the CategoryID to the GUID of the component category to be read.


After the component category was specified with the CategoryID property, it points to the classes registered in that category. If more classes were added to that component category, and the CategoryID property is set second time to the same category to retrieve all registered classes including new ones, the CategoryID still points to the first state of the component category in the registry. No new classes could be retrieved in the same application runtime.

ICategoryFactory.CreateNext Method

Creates the next component in the category.

Public Function CreateNext ( _
) As Object
public object CreateNext (


The CreateNext method retrieves classes from the specified component category. Specify the category with the CategoryID property.

Classes that implement ICategoryFactory

Classes Description
CategoryFactory Component Category Factory.

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