IParentExtension Interface

Provides access to the child extensions of this extension. Indicates that this extension has child extensions.


Implement the IParentExtension interface to indicate other 'child' related extensions and implement the IChildExtension interface within each 'child' extension. The 'parent' extension appears as an expandable folder in the Extensions dialog and each 'child' extension appears as an item in the folder.

For example, the StreetMapEurope 'parent' extension implements IParentExtension and each 'child' extension (each country in Europe) implements IChildExtension.


Name Description
Read-only property Child The indicated child extension.
Read-only property ChildCount The number of child extensions.

IParentExtension.Child Property

The indicated child extension.

Public Function get_Child ( _
    ByVal Index As Integer _
) As IExtension
public IExtension get_Child (
    int Index


Returns the Child extension at the specified index that belongs to this extension. The first Child extension in the collection will have an index of 0 and the last Child extension in the collection will have an index of ChildCount - 1.

IParentExtension.ChildCount Property

The number of child extensions.

Public ReadOnly Property ChildCount As Integer
public int ChildCount {get;}


Returns the number of Child extensions belonging to this extension.

Classes that implement IParentExtension

Classes Description

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