IDocumentVersion Interface

Provides access to members that control the document version.

When To Use

Use this interface when you want an object to persist its contents based on the ArcGIS document version.


Name Description
Read/write property DocumentVersion The version of the document to save.

IDocumentVersion.DocumentVersion Property

The version of the document to save.

Public Property DocumentVersion As esriArcGISVersion
public esriArcGISVersion DocumentVersion {get; set;}


Determines which version an object is persisted. This can be useful when saving an object ObjectStream or MemoryBlobStream and you want the version of that object to be compatible with previous releases of ArcGIS. Not all persistable objects implement IDocumentVersion; you should ensure the object supports this interface before accessing this property.

Classes that implement IDocumentVersion

Classes Description
FileStream Specialized kind of IStream for files.
MemoryBlobStream Memory blob stream object.
ObjectStream Specialized kind of IStream for objects.
VariantStreamIO Helper object that performs stream IO for Variants.


IDocumentVersion determines what version of an object should be saved. For example, if a new interface was added to an existing object to extend the object's capabilities and the object implements IDocumentVersion, its contents can be saved based on the ArcGIS version.

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