IJSONWriter4 Interface


Name Description
Method EndArray Ends an array.
Method EndObject Ends writing of an object.
Method GetString Obtains copy of string.
Method GetStringBuffer Obtains copy of string buffer. Encoding is UTF8.
Method Reset Resets IJSONWriter's internal state.
Method SetFormatted Writes 'pretty' formatting on or off.
Method SetIndent Writes indent for 'pretty' formatting. Default is 2.
Method StartArray Starts an array.
Method StartObject Starts writing an object.
Read-only property Stream Obtains underlying stream. If WriteTo() is not called yet, will return NULL. Also will return NULL if WriteToString() was called.
Method WriteBinary Writes a byte array.
Method WriteBinaryVal Writes a byte array.
Method WriteBoolean Writes a boolean.
Method WriteBooleanVal Writes a boolean in array.
Method WriteByte Writes a byte.
Method WriteByteVal Writes a byte in array.
Method WriteDate Writes a date.
Method WriteDateVal Writes a date in array.
Method WriteDouble Writes a double.
Method WriteDoubleEx Writes a double with specified number of digits after decimal point.
Method WriteDoubleVal Writes a double in array.
Method WriteDoubleValEx Writes a double in array with specified number of digits after decimal point.
Method WriteFloat Writes a float.
Method WriteFloatVal Writes a float in array.
Method WriteInt64 Writes a LONGLONG.
Method WriteInt64Val Writes a LONGLONG in array.
Method WriteInteger Writes an integer.
Method WriteIntegerVal Writes an integer in array.
Method WriteNull Writes null property.
Method WriteNullVal Writes null value in array.
Method WriteRawString Writes a raw property without any processing. Use to insert JSON sub-object or sub-array strings only.
Method WriteRawStringVal Writes a raw value without any processing. Use to insert JSON sub-object or sub-array strings only.
Method WriteRawUtf8String Writes Raw UTF8 String
Method WriteShort Writes a short.
Method WriteShortVal Writes a short int in array.
Method WriteString Writes a string property.
Method WriteStringVal Writes a string in array.
Method WriteTo Specifies output JSON stream.
Method WriteToString Redirects writing to internal string buffer.
Method WriteUInt64 Writes a ULONGLONG.
Method WriteUInt64Val Writes a ULONGLONG in array.
Method WriteVariant Writes a variant valued property.
Method WriteVariantVal Writes a variant in array.

IJSONWriter4.GetString Method

Obtains copy of string.

Public Function GetString ( _
) As String
public string GetString (

IJSONWriter4.WriteRawUtf8String Method

Writes Raw UTF8 String

Public Sub WriteRawUtf8String ( _
    ByVal propname As String, _
    ByRef utf8String As Byte&, _
    ByVal Size As Integer _
public void WriteRawUtf8String (
    string propname,
    ref Byte& utf8String,
    ref uint Size

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IJSONWriter Provides access to members that control the sequential writing of JSON.

Classes that implement IJSONWriter4

Classes Description
JSONWriter A sequential JSON Writer.

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