IWebRequestHandler Interface

Provides access to methods that control handing of web requests.


Name Description
Method HandleStringWebRequest Handles a request with explicit capabilities.

IWebRequestHandler.HandleStringWebRequest Method

Handles a request with explicit capabilities.

Public Function HandleStringWebRequest ( _
    ByVal httpMethod As esriHttpMethod, _
    ByVal requestURL As String, _
    ByVal queryString As String, _
    ByVal Capabilities As String, _
    ByVal requestData As String, _
    ByRef responseContentType As String, _
    ByRef respDataType As esriWebResponseDataType _
) As Byte[]
public Byte[] HandleStringWebRequest (
    esriHttpMethod httpMethod,
    string requestURL,
    string queryString,
    string Capabilities,
    string requestData,
    ref string responseContentType,
    ref esriWebResponseDataType respDataType

Classes that implement IWebRequestHandler

Classes Description
WFSServer (esriGeoDatabaseDistributed) The WFS Server Object Extension.

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