IProxyServerInfo2 Interface

Provides access to additional ProxyServerInfo methods.


Name Description
Method CacheProxyCredentials Cache proxy credentials.
Read/write property CredentialsCancelled Indicates credentials cancel state.
Read/write property Enabled Indicates whether a proxy server is required.
Read/write property Password Proxy server user password.
Read/write property ProxyServer Proxy server address.
Method ReadProxyServerInfo Read proxy server configuration from the registry.
Read/write property UserName Proxy server user name.
Method WriteProxyServerInfo Write proxy server configuration to the registry.

IProxyServerInfo2.CacheProxyCredentials Method

Cache proxy credentials.

Public Sub CacheProxyCredentials ( _
public void CacheProxyCredentials (

IProxyServerInfo2.CredentialsCancelled Property

Indicates credentials cancel state.

Public Property CredentialsCancelled As Boolean
public bool CredentialsCancelled {get; set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IProxyServerInfo Provides access to members that control proxy server configuration.

Classes that implement IProxyServerInfo2

Classes Description
ProxyServerInfo A utility class for setting proxy server configuration information.

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