IDeviationInterval Interface

Provides access to members that control the classification methods that require a standard deviation based range.


IDeviationIntervalis implemented by StandardDeviation, and is used to set the standard deviation interval. Set values on this interface after calling the SetHistogram method on the IClassify interface. Then, you can call IClassify.Classify.


Name Description
Read/write property DeviationInterval The deviation interval (1/4 <= value <= 2).
Write-only property Mean The mean value.
Write-only property StandardDev The standard deviation.

IDeviationInterval.DeviationInterval Property

The deviation interval (1/4 <= value <= 2).

Public Property DeviationInterval As Double
public double DeviationInterval {get; set;}


DeviationInterval is the interval for the standard deviation classification. The interval is expressed as a percentage of 1 standard deviation. The value range that may be entered is 0.25 to 1.0.

IDeviationInterval.Mean Property

The mean value.

Public WriteOnly Property Mean
public void Mean {set;}


Mean sets the mean value for the Standard Deviation classification.

IDeviationInterval.StandardDev Property

The standard deviation.

Public WriteOnly Property StandardDev
public void StandardDev {set;}


StandardDev sets the Standard Deviation value for the Standard Deviation classification

Classes that implement IDeviationInterval

Classes Description
StandardDeviation Defines a standard deviation classification method.

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