IESRIScriptEngine Interface

Provides access to members that control the ESRIScriptEngine.


Name Description
Method AddCode The AddCode method.
Read/write property AllowUI The AllowUI method.
Read-only property Error The Error method.
Read/write property Language The Script Language.
Method Run The Run method.

IESRIScriptEngine.AddCode Method

The AddCode method.

Public Sub AddCode ( _
    ByVal scriptCode As String _
public void AddCode (
    string scriptCode

IESRIScriptEngine.AllowUI Property

The AllowUI method.

Public Property AllowUI As Boolean
public bool AllowUI {get; set;}

IESRIScriptEngine.Error Property

The Error method.

Public Sub Error ( _
    ByRef pLineNumber As Integer, _
    ByRef pCharacterPosition As Integer, _
    ByRef pErrorSourceCode As String, _
    ByRef pErrorDescription As String _
public void Error (
    ref int pLineNumber,
    ref int pCharacterPosition,
    ref string pErrorSourceCode,
    ref string pErrorDescription

IESRIScriptEngine.Language Property

The Script Language.

Public Property Language As String
public string Language {get; set;}

IESRIScriptEngine.Run Method

The Run method.

Public Function Run ( _
    ByVal procedureName As String, _
    ByRef pParameters As IntPtr[]& _
) As Object
public object Run (
    string procedureName,
    ref IntPtr[]& pParameters

Classes that implement IESRIScriptEngine

Classes Description
ESRIScriptEngine An object that creates ESRIScriptEngine instances.

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