What's new 1.7

Builder updates

ArcGIS Experience Builder includes several new features and enhancements listed below.

  • Builder—Create an experience with an automatically populated Map widget directly from Scene Viewer. An experience's URL now displays custom page, view, and window labels instead of their original ID numbers. When you update a label, the app's URL changes, but existing URLs will continue to work even after you modify and republish an app (shared links will not be broken). In the published app, users can see the name of the current page in their browser's tab. Additionally, you can now save a web experience or template with unsaved changes as a new item.
  • Gallery—You can now right-click an experience in the gallery to open and edit it in a new tab, new window, or incognito window.
  • Page panel—You can now change the default icon for a folder or link in a menu.
  • Templates—Provides three new templates. Data collector is a full-screen page template that features the Edit and Map widgets. Seeker is a scrolling page template designed as a web home page featuring a Search widget. Booking provides a multipage layout featuring Search and Filter widgets, useful for sifting data. All default templates are now divided into six categories in the template gallery: Blank, WAB classic, Map centric, Dashboard, Web page, and Website. Some templates are in multiple categories, including monitor (Map centric and Dashboard).
  • Language—Support for Bulgarian.
  • Allows to import apps and templates from a connected portal or upload them from local zip files.
  • You can now add secured service URLs from multiple portals by registering portals with Client IDs respectively.
  • The loading performance for downloaded apps using non-webtier portals has been improved. Instead of waiting for the REST calls to identify non-webtier portals, the app now loads in parallel with them.


Widget configuration includes several usability improvements. For example, some settings such as the Action tab and auto layout options only appear now for applicable widgets and layouts. In addition, the following widgets were updated:

  • Elevation Profile widget (new)—Allows generating and displaying an elevation profile from an input path. Users can draw or select a line on a 2D web map or 3D web scene.
  • Suitability Modeler widget (new)—Allows combining and weighting different layers to evaluate multiple factors at once. Users can find the best location for an activity, predict susceptibility to risk, identify where something is likely to occur, and more.
  • Chart widget—Supports pie charts.
  • Edit (beta) widget—Honors the form configured in the map for the selected layer, including conditional visibility for fields.
  • Embed widget—There is now an 8 KB size limit to the HTML code that can be put in the widget.
  • List widget—List templates are reordered, with the most frequently used templates now at the top. You can now remove default widgets from any template using the new checkbox instead of manually deleting them. Additionally, you can now configure a custom no data message for when no records are shown.
  • Menu widget—You can now display custom icons set for a folder or link.
  • Query widget—You can now add filter descriptions to provide instructions for a specific audience, such as new users.
  • Search widget—You can now configure the widget to zoom or pan a connected map to a selected search result using the Data filtering changes trigger in the Actions tab. Also, when you add the widget, it automatically uses your organization's default locator.
  • Table widget—Honors field names from the connected data source's pop-up settings.

Developer documentation updates

Added more component stories to the Storybook: Progress, Loading, SQLExpressionRuntime and ExpressionResolverComponent.

Breaking changes


  • DataSourceComponent component
    • Prop refresh is removed, use forceRefreshVersion instead.


  • Loading component
    • LoadingType.Image is removed
  • UnitSelector component
    • Prop placement is removed.

Deprecated Classes, Properties, Methods, Events


  • DataSourceSelector
    • Prop disableAddData is deprecated, use hideAddDataButton instead.
  • LinkSetting component is deprecated, use LinkSelectorContent instead.
  • LinkSettingPopup component is deprecated, use LinkSelectorSidePopper instead
  • SidePopper component
    • Prop trigger is deprecated, use inertNode instead.

Previous releases

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