ApiKeyResource Class

  • ApiKeyResource
  • class Esri::ArcGISRuntime::ApiKeyResource

    An interface for getting and setting the API key of an object. More...

    Public Functions

    virtual ~ApiKeyResource()
    virtual QString apiKey() const = 0
    virtual void setApiKey(const QString &apiKey) = 0

    Protected Functions

    Detailed Description

    This interface gets and sets the API key generated from the ArcGIS Developers website. website on objects where required.

    Member Function Documentation

    [protected] ApiKeyResource::ApiKeyResource()


    [virtual] ApiKeyResource::~ApiKeyResource()


    [pure virtual] QString ApiKeyResource::apiKey() const

    Returns the API key to access API key enabled services and resources in ArcGIS Online.

    An API key is a unique key used to authorize access to specific services and resources in ArcGIS Online. It is also used to monitor access to those services. An API key is created and managed in the ArcGIS developer dashboard and is tied to a specific ArcGIS account.

    In addition to setting an ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::apiKey at a global level for your application, you can set it on any class that implements ApiKeyResource. This overrides the ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::apiKey and enables more granular usage telemetry and management of ArcGIS location resources used by your app.

    Classes that expose an API key property by implementing ApiKeyResource include:

    See also setApiKey().

    [pure virtual] void ApiKeyResource::setApiKey(const QString &apiKey)

    Sets the API key to apiKey.

    See also apiKey().

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