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KmlIconStyle Class

class Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIconStyle

A KML icon style object. More...

Header: #include <KmlIconStyle>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.7
Inherits: Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlColorStyle

This class was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.7.

Public Functions

KmlIconStyle(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIcon *icon, double scale, QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~KmlIconStyle() override
double heading() const
Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlImageCoordinate *hotSpot() const
Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIcon *icon() const
double scale() const
void setHeading(double heading)
void setHotSpot(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlImageCoordinate *hotSpot)
void setIcon(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIcon *icon)
void setScale(double scale)

Detailed Description

Specifies how icons for placemarks and photo overlays with a point geometry are drawn. Color is blended with the existing color of the icon.

Member Function Documentation

KmlIconStyle::KmlIconStyle(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIcon *icon, double scale, QObject *parent = nullptr)

Creates an icon style with the specified icon and scale.

Note: A null icon will result in the default yellow pushpin icon being used.

icon Icon for drawing the point placemarks. scale Scale of the icon. parent Parent object of icon style.

[override virtual] KmlIconStyle::~KmlIconStyle()


double KmlIconStyle::heading() const

The direction in decimal degrees.

See also setHeading().

Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlImageCoordinate *KmlIconStyle::hotSpot() const

The position within the icon that is anchored to the point specified in the placemark.

See also setHotSpot().

Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIcon *KmlIconStyle::icon() const

The icon to be used by the placemark.

See also setIcon().

double KmlIconStyle::scale() const

The scale factor that should be applied to the rendered icon.

See also setScale().

void KmlIconStyle::setHeading(double heading)

Set the direction in decimal degrees to heading.

See also heading().

void KmlIconStyle::setHotSpot(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlImageCoordinate *hotSpot)

Set the position within the icon that is anchored to the point specified in the placemark to hotSpot.

See also hotSpot().

void KmlIconStyle::setIcon(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlIcon *icon)

Set the icon to be used by the placemark to icon.

See also icon().

void KmlIconStyle::setScale(double scale)

Sets the scale factor that should be applied to the rendered icon to scale.

See also scale().

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