GeoElement Class

  • GeoElement
  • class Esri::ArcGISRuntime::GeoElement

    An abstract representation of geographic entities on a map. More...

    Public Functions

    virtual ~GeoElement()
    virtual Esri::ArcGISRuntime::AttributeListModel *attributes() const = 0
    virtual Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Geometry geometry() const = 0
    virtual void setGeometry(const Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Geometry &geometry) = 0

    Protected Functions

    Detailed Description

    A geo-element represents abstract geographic entities on a map. Classes that inherit from GeoElement provide concrete implementations such as graphics in a graphics overlay, features in a layer, and so on.

    Member Function Documentation

    [protected] GeoElement::GeoElement()


    [virtual] GeoElement::~GeoElement()


    [pure virtual] Esri::ArcGISRuntime::AttributeListModel *GeoElement::attributes() const

    Gets the attributes of the GeoElement as a list model of key-value pairs.

    [pure virtual] Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Geometry GeoElement::geometry() const

    Gets the geometry of the GeoElement.

    See also setGeometry().

    [pure virtual] void GeoElement::setGeometry(const Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Geometry &geometry)

    Sets the geometry of the GeoElement to geometry.

    See also geometry().

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