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KmlTourController Class

class Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlTourController

KmlTourController is used to play, pause or reset a KML tour. More...

Header: #include <KmlTourController>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6
Inherits: Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Object

This class was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6.

Public Functions

virtual ~KmlTourController()
double currentPosition() const
void pause()
void play()
void reset()
void setTour(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlTour *tour)
double totalDuration() const
Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlTour *tour() const


void currentPositionChanged(double currentPosition)
void totalDurationChanged(double totalDuration)

Detailed Description

A KML tour may contain audio. KmlTourController manages all audio internally and plays the audio along with the tour.

Member Function Documentation

[signal] void KmlTourController::currentPositionChanged(double currentPosition)

Signal emitted when the current position changed.

  • currentPosition - the new current position in seconds.

[signal] void KmlTourController::totalDurationChanged(double totalDuration)

Signal emitted when the total duration changed.

  • totalDuration - the new total duration in seconds.

[virtual] KmlTourController::~KmlTourController()


double KmlTourController::currentPosition() const

Returns the current position of the KML tour, in seconds.

void KmlTourController::pause()

Pauses the associated tour.

void KmlTourController::play()

Plays the associated tour, which may include audio content.

void KmlTourController::reset()

Resets the associated tour.

Use this to reset the tour to the beginning, which includes resetting any KML content to its original state before the tour was played.

void KmlTourController::setTour(Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlTour *tour)

Sets the KmlTour object that the controller is managing to tour.

Note: you may set nullptr to manage no KML tour.

See also tour().

double KmlTourController::totalDuration() const

Returns the total duration of the KML tour, in seconds.

Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlTour *KmlTourController::tour() const

Returns the KmlTour object that the controller is managing.

See also setTour().

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