VoiceGuidance Class

  • VoiceGuidance
  • class Esri::ArcGISRuntime::VoiceGuidance

    Voice guidance to play at certain locations along a route. More...

    Header: #include <VoiceGuidance.h>
    Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6
    Inherits: Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Object

    Public Functions

    virtual ~VoiceGuidance() override
    QString text() const
    Esri::ArcGISRuntime::VoiceGuidanceType type() const

    Detailed Description

    An app may present voice guidance at certain locations along a route. Voice guidance includes text that may be passed to a text-to-speech engine to inform an app user of upcoming maneuvers or arrival events.

    Member Function Documentation

    [override virtual] VoiceGuidance::~VoiceGuidance()


    QString VoiceGuidance::text() const

    Returns string presentation of voice guidance text instruction.

    This text can be passed to a text to speech engine.

    Esri::ArcGISRuntime::VoiceGuidanceType VoiceGuidance::type() const

    Returns voice guidance type.

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