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ArcGIS Developer

Compute Platform Status


The status resource allows you to view the status of the ComputePlatform service.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL for the status resource:

JSON Response example

At 10.7, this operation now returns property information for totalCoresAvailable and minMemoryAvailable, which specify the total amount of cores on the machine, and the amount of available memory, respectively. See Update Server Properties for more information on how to configure server properties.

  "configuredState": "STARTED",
  "details": [
      "machine": "MACHINE.DOMAIN.COM",
      "realtimeState": "STARTED"
  "properties": {
    "totalCoresAvailable": 6.0,
    "minMemoryAvailable": 104796.0