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Token Manager


The Token Manager is a web service that issues tokens. Tokens are used instead of user credentials when consuming GIS services that have token-based security enabled on them. Tokens are also used for consuming the Administrator API through a script or application. Token Manager exposes a REST-ful interface along with an HTML page to fetch tokens manually. An instance of the token manager is integrated into the Administrator API and can be reached at:


For backwards compatibility, another instance of token manager is available at:


However, the above instance of Token Manager is configured by the administrator and started up only when token-based security is enabled on the GIS server. The user store configuration is represented in JSON format as follows:

		"type": "BUILTIN",
		"properties": <properties>

Use the update token configuration operation to change the token manager.

Request Parameters


Description: The key used to encrypt the tokens.


Description: The maximum time in minutes for which a token can be requested.

Default: 1440


Description: The shortest amount of time in minutes for which a token is issued.

Default: 60

Example Usage

The JSON representation of a Token Manager configuration:

	"type": "BUILTIN",
	"properties": {
		"sharedKey": "my really really secret passphrase",
		"longTimeout": "2880",
		"shortTimeout": "120",