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This resource provides information about the data holdings of the server. Data items are used by ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, and other clients to validate data paths referenced by GIS services.

You can register new data items with the server by using the Register Data Item operation. Use the Find Data Items operation to search through the hierarchy of data items.

A relational data store type represents a database platform that has been registered for use on a portal’s hosting server by the ArcGIS Server administrator. Each relational data store type describes the properties ArcGIS Server requires in order to connect to an instance of a database for a particular platform. At least one registered relational data store type is required before client applications such as ArcGIS Insights can create Relational Database Connection portal items.

The Compute Ref Count operation counts and lists all references to a specific data item. This operation helps you determine if a particular data item can be safely deleted or refreshed.

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