Server Directory


Server directories are used by GIS services as a location to output items such as map images, tile caches, and geoprocessing results. In addition, some directories contain configurations that power the GIS services.

In a Site with more than one server machine these directories must be available on network shares, accessible to every machine in the site.

The following directory types can be registered with the server:

  • Output—Stores various information generated by services, such as map images. Instances: One or more
  • Cache—Stores tile caches used by map, globe, and image services for rapid performance. Instances: One or more
  • Jobs—Stores results and other information from geoprocessing services. Instances: One or more
  • System—Stores files that are used internally by the GIS server. Instances: One

Server directories that contain output of various GIS services can be periodically cleaned to remove old unused files. By using the cleanup mode and maximum file age parameters, you control when when you would like the files in these directories to be cleaned.

All the output server directories are automatically virtualized (they can be accessed over a URL) for you through the ArcGIS Server REST API.

Request Parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Response Format

	"name": "<name>",
  	"physicalPath": "<path>",
  	"directoryType": "<type>",
 	"cleanupMode": "<cleanup_mode>",
  	"maxFileAge": <age>,
  	"description": "<description>",
  	"virtualPath": "<virtual_path>"


	"name": "arcgiscache",
  	"physicalPath": "\\\\server\\arcgisserver\\arcgiscache",
  	"directoryType": "CACHE",
 	"cleanupMode": "NONE",
  	"maxFileAge": 0,
  	"description": "Stores tile caches used by map, globe, and image services for rapid performance.",
  	"virtualPath": "/rest/directories/arcgiscache"