A special type of table used to display multiple rasters simultaneously.


RasterCatalogTable object is a table in any supported format such as Info, dbf and txt that contains multiple raster datasets that can be viewed as a single entity. The spatial reference for the raster catalog is taken from the first raster dataset in the raster catalog.The first five columns of the table must be called �Image�, �Xmin�, �Ymin�, �Xmax�, and �YMax� for the table to be identified as a raster catalog. The first column contains the path to a dataset on disk, while the next four contain the bounding box around the dataset. Additional fields in the table are allowed but will have no effect on the display of the raster catalog.

RasterCatalogTable supports 8.x raster catalog, a table based raster catalog. The counterpart for 8.x style raster catalogs in ArcSDE is SdeRasterCatalogTable)

For geodatabase raster catalog, use RasterCatalog object.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IGeoDataset (esriGeoDatabase) Provides access to members that provide information about a Geographic Dataset.
IRasterCatalogTable Provides access to members that control a raster catalog table.

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