What's new 1.8

Builder updates

ArcGIS Experience Builder 1.8 includes several new features and enhancements as listed below:

  • Builder — Widgets in the Insert widget panel are now grouped into six new categories based on usage: Map centric, Data centric, Page elements, Menus and toolbars, Layout, and Section. When copying or duplicating elements such as widgets and pages, elements now follow a continued numbering rule. For example, duplicating Map 1 now produces Map 2, or Map 3 if Map 2 already exists.
  • Dynamic content — The expression builder now allows you to format numbers in custom expressions. You can control the number of decimal places, add a thousand separator, and add a unit.
  • Images & Icons — There is now a 10 MB limit for each image and custom icon upload. Additionally, you can now delete unused images and icons from the upload list.
  • Performance — Improves app loading performance.
  • Printing — Provides a new print preview mode, which reorganizes special layouts such as screen groups and removes animations and auto plays when viewing published experiences or launched drafts. Print preview is an option of Set link.
  • Support calcite-components entry - You can now import Calcite components into your custom widget using import {} from calcite-components


Widget improvements include the following:

  • Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget (new)—Allows viewing and populating infographics made with ArcGIS Business Analyst.

  • Directions widget (new)—Calculates turn-specific routes between two or more stops based on the quickest walk time, driving distance, and more.

  • Draw widget (new)—Allows creating simple graphics for points, lines, and polygons on 2D web maps and 3D web scenes. Supports adding measurements to drawn graphics for coordinate position, length, perimeter, and area.

  • Floor Filter (beta) widget (new)—Allows exploring floor-aware maps made with ArcGIS Indoors.

  • Utility Network Trace (beta) widget (new)—Allows running traces in a utility network to optimize paths for resources to travel. A part of proper network management, tracing a network can help utilities deliver resources to customers, track the health of a network, and identify deteriorating areas. Users can create starting and barrier points to define the location of a trace.

  • Chart widget—Supports scatter plots.

  • Edit widget—Now out of beta. Also, snapping settings are now configured at runtime instead of in the widget settings.

  • List widget—You can now create two dimensional grid-style lists.

  • Search widget—You can now set the number of suggestions per source to zero to disable search source suggestions.

  • Sidebar widget—You can now customize the icon and background color of the collapse button.

  • Table widget—Supports sorting by multiple fields.

  • Widget Controller widget—The Add widget button has moved to the widget toolbar.

Developer documentation updates

Updates on developer documentation topics include:

Breaking changes


  • Function portalUrlUtils.getHostUrlByOrgUrl is changed to portalUrlUtils.getPlatformUrlByOrgUrl


  • FieldSelector
    • Prop getDefaultField is removed, use useDefault instead.

Previous releases

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