Licensing Considerations

Some special considerations while licensing your app are listed below

Store geocode results from ArcGIS Online

The Geocoding service includes a for_storage parameter. Storing the results of a geocode or reverse geocode operation using this service (by setting the for_storage parameter to true) requires one of the following methods of authentication:

  • API key authentication. Add a long-lived API key access token, that has a location services privilege of Geocode (stored), to your app.
  • User authentication. Allow users with an ArcGIS account to sign in and access the geocoding service. This uses the credits from the subscriber's account. Additionally, the user performing a paid operation must be assigned a user role that includes the Geocoding privilege. For more information, see pricing information in ArcGIS Location Platform pricing and User types, roles, and privileges in ArcGIS Online documentation.

Use tile packages from ArcGIS Online basemaps

App developers may use ArcGIS Online basemaps for their apps. Esri has designed a use policy that seeks to maximize the use of these basemaps by the ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps developer community. The rules for using these basemaps are conditioned on how the basemaps are used.

A developer can only export basemaps from services that support the export tiles operation.

A developer may:

  • Export basemaps as tile packages for use with an app built with this SDK, up to the limits imposed by the basemap for a single tile package.
  • Build an app with this SDK to export basemaps on demand. Authorization must be as a member of a portal or with an app login.
  • Embed or bundle basemap tile packages in an app built with this SDK.
  • Build an app with this SDK to download pre-created basemap tile packages hosted by ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, but only if the ArcGIS Online organization or ArcGIS Enterprise is licensed for production use.

A developer may not:

  • Allow their users to use the exported content outside of ArcGIS technology.
  • Allow their users to unbundle the exported content and publish the exported content as a map service.
  • Allow their users to unbundle the exported content or redistribute to other users.
  • Systematically harvest map tiles using the service (a practice often referred to as "scraping tiles").

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