Deploy Local Server

Build a Local Server deployment

For your deployed application to use Local Server functionality, you must create a Local Server deployment to include with your application.

The ArcGIS Maps SDK for Local Server installation includes all the components of Local Server that might be required during the development of your application. When deployed to production, your application may only need a subset of these components. Use the Local Server Deployment Builder to create a Local Server deployment directory that includes only the components that your application requires. This will reduce your application footprint. The Local Server Deployment Builder is included with the Local Server SDK. You can open it from the Windows Start menu or the Local Server SDK installation folder, for example on Windows C:\Program Files\ArcGIS SDKs\LocalServer200.1\Tools\DeploymentBuilder.exe.

Local Server Deployment Builder

To create a new configuration:

  1. Click Create Configuration to start the process.
  2. On the Deployment Configuration dialog, enter a name for your configuration and click OK.
  3. The deployment builder will then automatically display the Local Server Deployment Settings dialog where you can configure the components required for your application to successfully execute all functionality that requires Local Server.
  4. When you have finished selecting the required sub-components of Local Server, click OK to return to the Local Server Deployment Builder dialog.
  5. When you are ready to create the deployment, in the Configurations list select the Configuration you just created then click Generate....
  6. On the next dialog, titled Deployment Location you must specify, or browse for, a folder path for the output location of your Local Server deployment, then click OK.
  7. Finally, the Summary dialog displays the name of your configuration and its output location, along with your selected deployment options and their estimated size on disk.
  8. Click OK to proceed with generating the Local Server deployment.

You can make this Local Server deployment directory available to your application in one of the following ways:

  • Copy the generated Local Server deployment directory adjacent to your application executable file. By default the API will search for a Local Server deployment directory in this location before defaulting to the SDK installation location.
  • Copy the generated Local Server deployment directory to an alternative location and define the install path for the Local Server using the LocalServer.INSTANCE.setInstallPath("c:/myLocalServerInstall"); method. Ensure the Local Server deployment directory is deployed to that location as part of the application installation.

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