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IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult Class


The identified graphics of a GeoView::identifyGraphicsOverlays task. More...

Header: #include <IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.0
Inherits: Object

Public Functions

Error error() const
QList<Graphic *> graphics() const
GraphicsOverlay *graphicsOverlay() const
QList<Popup *> popups() const
  • 31 public functions inherited from QObject

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The identified graphics of a GeoView::identifyGraphicsOverlays task.

Obtain these results through the identifyGraphicsOverlaysCompleted signal.

See also GeoView, MapQuickView::identifyGraphicsOverlaysCompleted, and MapGraphicsView::identifyGraphicsOverlaysCompleted.

Member Function Documentation



Error IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult::error() const

Gets the Error encountered during the identify.

An empty error indicates that no error occurred.

QList<Graphic *> IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult::graphics() const

Gets the list of identified graphics.

GraphicsOverlay *IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult::graphicsOverlay() const

Gets the GraphicsOverlay that the returned graphics are associated with.

QList<Popup *> IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult::popups() const

Gets a list of the identifed popups for the graphics overlay.

Only valid when the identify was called with the returnPopupsOnly parameter set to true.

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