Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceType enumeration

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  • Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceType enumeration
  • This is used to determine the type of the dataset behind an ArcGISFeatureLayerInfo. Spatial datasets are considered to be layers whereas non-spatial datasets are tables.

    The ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceType can be one of:

    Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceTypeLayer(0) A feature layer. Containing geometrical features such as a points, lines or polygons.
    Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceTypeTable(1) A feature table.
    Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceTypeGroupLayer(2) A group layer.
    Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceTypeAnnotationLayer(3) An annotation layer. Containing text features to be drawn at specific positions.
    Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceTypeDimensionLayer(4) A dimension layer. Containing schematic measurement features to be drawn at specific positions.
    Enums.ArcGISFeatureLayerInfoServiceTypeUnknown(-1) An unknown/unsupported dataset type.

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