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Enums.KmlRefreshMode enumeration

Defines the time-based refresh behavior of a KmlNetworkLink.

KmlRefreshMode can be one of:

Enums.KmlRefreshModeOnChange(0) Refresh when the file is loaded and whenever the Link parameters change.
Enums.KmlRefreshModeOnExpire(2) Refresh every n milliseconds. Note, if refreshInterval is 0 when the mode is set to Enums.KmlRefreshModeOnInterval, it will automatically update the refreshInterval to 4000 milliseconds.
Enums.KmlRefreshModeOnInterval(1) Refresh the file when the expiration time is reached. If a fetched file has a KmlNetworkLink, the expires time takes precedence over expiration times specified in HTTP headers. If no expires time is specified, the HTTP max-age header is used if present. If max-age is not present, the Expires HTTP header is used if present. Currently this is treated the same as if the mode were Enums.KmlRefreshModeOnChange.

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