Enums.FeatureTableType enumeration

The FeatureTableType can be one of:

Enums.FeatureTableTypeUnknown(-1) Unknown feature table type
Enums.FeatureTableTypeFeatureTable(0) FeatureTable base type
Enums.FeatureTableTypeServiceFeatureTable(1) A ServiceFeatureTable consuming and interacting with a connected feature service layer
Enums.FeatureTableTypeGeodatabaseFeatureTable(2) A local GeodatabaseFeatureTable consuming a feature table from a Geodatabase
Enums.FeatureTableTypeFeatureCollectionTable(3) An individual feature table in a FeatureCollection
Enums.FeatureTableTypeShapefileFeatureTable(4) An shapefile feature table
Enums.FeatureTableTypeGeoPackageFeatureTable(5) A GeoPackage feature table
Enums.FeatureTableTypeWfsFeatureTable(6) A WFS feature table
Enums.FeatureTableTypeOgcFeatureCollectionTable(7) An OGC Feature Collection Table

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