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Enums.StrokeSymbolLayerLineStyle3D enumeration

The StrokeSymbolLayerLineStyle3D can be one of:

Enums.StrokeSymbolLayerLineStyle3DTube(0) The tube style causes the stroke to appear as a 3D tube. A "tube" here refers to a solid circular cylinder, following the given geometry.
Enums.StrokeSymbolLayerLineStyle3DStrip(1) The strip style causes the stroke to appear as a flat strip of surface. Note that the cap style for this line is always Enums.StrokeSymbolLayerCapStyleButt. A "strip" here refers to a flat 2D surface with more significant width than a line, though it is presented in 3D. Only the Enums.StrokeSymbolLayerLineStyle3DStrip style is supported in static rendering mode.

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