Enums.MosaicMethod enumeration

The mosaic method is used to determine how multiple rasters in a MosaicDatasetRaster will be sorted. An ImageServiceRaster may not support every mosaic method. Check the service's metadata for "Allowed Mosaic Methods" to see which methods are supported. MosaicMethods that are "view-dependent", order rasters based off where the camera is located, while "view-independent" order rasters the same, regardless of where the camera is located. The MosaicMethod can be one of:

Enums.MosaicMethodNone(0) None.
Enums.MosaicMethodCenter(1) Center.
Enums.MosaicMethodNorthwest(2) Northwest.
Enums.MosaicMethodNadir(3) Nadir.
Enums.MosaicMethodViewpoint(4) Viewpoint.
Enums.MosaicMethodAttribute(5) Attribute.
Enums.MosaicMethodLockRaster(6) LockRaster.
Enums.MosaicMethodSeamline(7) Seamline.

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