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Enums.DrawingTool enumeration

The DrawingTool can be one of:

Enums.DrawingToolUnknown(-1) Unknown drawing tool.
Enums.DrawingToolAutoCompletePolygon(0) The auto complete polygon tool.
Enums.DrawingToolCircle(1) The circle tool.
Enums.DrawingToolDownArrow(2) The down arrow tool.
Enums.DrawingToolEllipse(3) The ellipse tool.
Enums.DrawingToolFreeHand(4) The free hand tool.
Enums.DrawingToolLeftArrow(5) The left arrow tool.
Enums.DrawingToolLine(6) The line tool.
Enums.DrawingToolNone(7) No tool.
Enums.DrawingToolPoint(8) The point tool.
Enums.DrawingToolPolygon(9) The polygon tool.
Enums.DrawingToolRectangle(10) The rectangle tool.
Enums.DrawingToolRightArrow(11) The right arrow tool.
Enums.DrawingToolText(12) The text tool.
Enums.DrawingToolTriangle(13) The triangle tool.
Enums.DrawingToolUpArrow(14) The up arrow tool.

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