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Enums.FeatureRenderingMode enumeration

The FeatureRenderingMode can be one of:

Enums.FeatureRenderingModeAutomatic(-) The rendering mode for the layer will be automatically chosen based on the geometry type and Renderer.
Enums.FeatureRenderingModeStatic(1) Static rendering mode - Features will only update between zoom and pan operations in a retained mode. This mode is ideal, for example, for complex geometries or features rendered with cartographic quality symbology. It may also be suited for rendering features when low-end graphics hardware is used.
Enums.FeatureRenderingModeDynamic(2) Dynamic rendering mode - Features will be updated during pan and zoom operations for a smoothly rendered display. This mode is not supported by all Renderers. A HeatmapRenderer is an example of a renderer which does not support dynamic rendering mode.

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