Enums.LabelLineOrientation enumeration

LabelDefinition::placement above or below a line geometry will be interpreted as above or below on the `screen`, or with respect to the `direction` of line's geometry (that is, the digitization order in which the vertices are listed)."> Enums.LabelLineOrientation enumeration | ArcGISQtQml
  • QML Enumeration List
  • Enums.LabelLineOrientation enumeration
  • The LabelLineOrientation can be one of:

    • from its line segment.
    • from its line segment.
    • of the screen.
    • of the screen.
    Enums.LabelLineOrientationUnconstrained(2) The label will be offset perpendicularly to whichever side of the line geometry has space (defaulting to `Above`, in the `screen` sense).

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