Enums.LabelStackSeparatorBreakPosition enumeration

  • QML Enumeration List
  • Enums.LabelStackSeparatorBreakPosition enumeration
  • Whether the separator code point should appear at the end of one row, or the beginning of the next. This does not matter if the separator is not to be visible when used.

    The LabelStackSeparatorBreakPosition can be one of:

    Enums.LabelStackSeparatorBreakPositionAutomatic(0) Use the default position (Enums.LabelStackSeparatorBreakPositionAfter). This will give the same behavior as LabelStackSeparatorBreakPositionAfter.
    Enums.LabelStackSeparatorBreakPositionAfter(1) Write the separator after the line break, at the start of the next row of text.
    Enums.LabelStackSeparatorBreakPositionBefore(2) Write the separator before the line break, at the end of the previous row of text.

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