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Enums.KmlNodeType enumeration

The KmlNodeType can be one of:

Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlDocument(0) A document KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlFolder(1) A folder KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlNetworkLink(2) A network link KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlPlacemark(3) A placemark KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlPhotoOverlay(4) A photo overlay KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlGroundOverlay(5) A ground overlay KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlScreenOverlay(6) A screen overlay KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeKmlTour(7) A tour KML node.
Enums.KmlNodeTypeUnknown(-1) Unknown KML node.

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