Enums.FieldType enumeration

  • QML Enumeration List
  • Enums.FieldType enumeration
  • The FieldType can be one of:

    Enums.FieldTypeUnknown(-1) Unknown field type.
    Enums.FieldTypeInt16(0) Small integer type.
    Enums.FieldTypeInt32(1) Integer type.
    Enums.FieldTypeGUID(3) GUID type.
    Enums.FieldTypeFloat32(4) Float type.
    Enums.FieldTypeFloat64(5) Double type.
    Enums.FieldTypeDate(6) DateTime type (in case of shapefiles: only date, not time).
    Enums.FieldTypeText(7) Text type.
    Enums.FieldTypeOID(8) ObjectID type.
    Enums.FieldTypeGlobalID(9) GlobalID type.
    Enums.FieldTypeBlob(10) Blob type.
    Enums.FieldTypeGeometry(11) Geometry type.
    Enums.FieldTypeRaster(12) Raster type.
    Enums.FieldTypeXml(13) XML type.

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