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Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategy enumeration

The LabelDeconflictionStrategy can be one of:

Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyAutomatic(0) The label will use the default deconfliction strategy (Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyStatic). This value corresponds to no value being specified for a LabelDefinition::deconflictionStrategy property.
Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyDynamic(1) Place the label in the preferred location, but move to an alternative location to avoid overlapping higher priority labels or point feature symbols. This label is placed only if it can be moved to a location that will not overlap a higher priority label.
Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyNone(2) Place the label in the preferred location, regardless of overlaps with other features or labels.
Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyStatic(3) Place the label in the preferred location, unless it would overlap a higher priority label or point feature symbol. If it overlaps a lower priority label, then the lower priority label may disappear or move (depending on its LabelDefinition::deconflictionStrategy). If this label overlaps a higher priority label, then this label is not placed.

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