Enums.StretchParametersType enumeration

  • QML Enumeration List
  • Enums.StretchParametersType enumeration
  • For detailed information on the different stretch types, please consult the ArcGIS Desktop documentation.

    The StretchParametersType can be one of:

    Enums.StretchParametersTypeUnknown(-1) No stretch type.
    Enums.StretchParametersTypeMinMaxStretchParameters(0) Minimum maximum stretch parameters type.
    Enums.StretchParametersTypeStandardDeviationStretchParameters(1) Standard deviation stretch parameters type.
    Enums.StretchParametersTypeHistogramEqualizationStretchParameters(2) Histogram equalization stretch parameters type.
    Enums.StretchParametersTypePercentClipStretchParameters(3) Percent clip stretch parameters type.

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