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  • A PreplannedMapArea is made up of a set of data packages for each of the layers in the map. When a web map author first creates a map area, these packages must be prepared by the relevant online services before the area is ready to be downloaded as an offline map.

    PreplannedPackagingStatus enumerates the possible packaging states for an online map area. The area cannot be downloaded until the status is Enums.PreplannedPackagingStatusComplete.

    The PreplannedPackagingStatus can be one of:

    Enums.PreplannedPackagingStatusUnknown(0) Indicates that the packaging status of the PreplannedMapArea is unknown. This status is returned when your app does not yet know the status of the online area. For example, this would be the case when the PreplannedMapArea has a load status of Enums.LoadStatusNotLoaded.
    Enums.PreplannedPackagingStatusProcessing(1) Indicates that the PreplannedMapArea is not yet ready for download. This is the initial status for a PreplannedMapArea that has been created on the web map, but is not yet ready for download.
    Enums.PreplannedPackagingStatusFailed(2) Indicates that a failure occurred when creating the packages for the PreplannedMapArea. This status means that the PreplannedMapArea cannot be downloaded. Failures encountered while creating packages need to be addressed by the web map author.
    Enums.PreplannedPackagingStatusComplete(3) Indicates that packaging is complete and the PreplannedMapArea is ready to be downloaded. This status means that all packages required to download the PreplannedMapArea have been successfully prepared.

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