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Enums.OnlineOnlyServicesOption enumeration

The OnlineOnlyServicesOption can be one of:

Enums.OnlineOnlyServicesOptionExcludeOnline layers and tables that cannot be taken offline will be excluded when taking a map offline. (0)
Enums.OnlineOnlyServicesOptionIncludeOnline layers and tables that cannot be taken offline will be included when taking a map offline and will continue to reference the online service. (1)
Enums.OnlineOnlyServicesOptionUseAuthoredSettingsA given layer or table will be taken offline, included as online content, or excluded according to the settings in the web map. When a web map is created, the author has the option to pre-select which layers should remain online. This can include:
  • Choosing to leave offline-enabled layers online (for example because they contain data that is frequently updated).
  • Choosing whether online-only layers should be included in the offline map or not.

If no settings are provided in the web map, the default behavior will be to omit any online-only layers or tables from the offline map. This matches the Enums.OnlineOnlyServicesOptionExclude option. (2)

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