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Enums.KmlViewRefreshMode enumeration

Defines the view-based refresh behavior of a KML network link.

The KmlViewRefreshMode can be one of:

Enums.KmlViewRefreshModeNever(0) Ignore changes in the view.
Enums.KmlViewRefreshModeOnStop(1) Refresh the file n milliseconds after movement stops, where n is specified by viewRefreshTime. Note, if viewRefreshTime is 0 when the mode is set to Enums.KmlViewRefreshModeOnStop, it will automatically update the viewRefreshTime to 500 milliseconds.
Enums.KmlViewRefreshModeOnRegion(2) Refresh the file only when the user explicitly requests it.
Enums.KmlViewRefreshModeOnRequest(3) Refresh the file when the KML region becomes active.

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