Enums.LabelBarrierWeight enumeration

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  • Enums.LabelBarrierWeight enumeration
  • An AnnotationLayer or a DimensionLayer that has no LabelDefinition of its own can be added to a map's operational layers. Their features will be automatically considered by the labeling process, to block labels from being placed such that they overlap the features. This Enums.LabelBarrierWeight property controls how much labels must avoid the layer's features.

    Note: Other layer types which have their own LabelDefinition can also have their features treated as barriers, but this is controlled by their LabelDefinition::featureBoundaryOverlapStrategy and LabelDefinition::featureInteriorOverlapStrategy properties.

    The LabelBarrierWeight can be one of:

    Enums.LabelBarrierWeightNone(0) The feature will not act as an barrier to labels.
    Enums.LabelBarrierWeightLow(1) Labels will avoid overlapping the feature unless there are no other placement options. In this case, the label will overlap the feature. Labels will still overlap this feature if that is they only way they can be placed.
    Enums.LabelBarrierWeightMedium(2) The feature will be avoided by labels unless that's the only way they can be placed after trying some additional positions. Labels will still overlap this feature if that is they only way they can be placed. This is similar to Enums.LabelBarrierWeightLow, but the labeling process can try additional positions. Not all styles of labeling will have additional positions to try.
    Enums.LabelBarrierWeightHigh(3) The feature is an exclusion zone for labels. Labels that overlap the feature will not be placed unless the label is using a deconfliction strategy of Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyNone or Enums.LabelDeconflictionStrategyDynamicNeverRemove.

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