LicenseResult QML Type

Runtime license result information. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.15
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0



Detailed Description

Note: You cannot declare or create a component of this type in QML code.

License result information is returned from the ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment functions which set a deployment license for the app. The LicenseResult contains license status information to inform the user whether the license or licenses provided are Valid, Invalid, Expired, or if a portal login is necessary (Enums.LicenseStatusLoginRequired).

The Runtime license status is obtained from the licenseStatus property. Extension license statuses are obtained from the extentionStatus property.

See also License.

Property Documentation

extensionsStatus : jsobject

A dictionary of extension license statuses that were supplied to the app (read-only).

The key for the dictionary is a string for the extension name. The value for the dictionary is an Enums.LicenseStatus value.

If no extension licenses were supplied, this method returns an empty dictionary.

licenseStatus : Enums.LicenseStatus

The license status from a call to ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment::setLicense (read-only).

See also Enums.LicenseStatus.

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