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PortalGroup QML Type

Represents a group within a Portal or Organization. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.11
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0





Detailed Description

Collections of fully populated PortalGroup objects can be obtained by calling Portal::findGroups, Portal::fetchFeaturedGroups, and PortalItem::fetchGroups, and from the PortalUser::groups property. The load status of such objects is Loaded.

The portal group owner is automatically an administrator and is returned in the list of admins. The access property determines the visibility of the group to other users. If the group is private, no one except the administrators and the members of the group can see it. If the group is shared with an organization, then all members of the organization can see the group. Administrators can invite, add to, and remove members from a group, and also update and delete the group. The administrator for an organization may also reassign the group to another member of the organization. Group members may leave the group. Authenticated users may apply to join a group.

See also JsonSerializable, PortalUser, PortalItem, and Portal Group (ArcGIS REST API).

Property Documentation

access : Enums.PortalAccess

Returns the access level for the group (read-only).

See also Enums.PortalAccess.

admins : list<string>

Returns the users that are administrators of the group (read-only).

created : date

Returns the time the group was created (read-only).

Always a Gregorian calendar using UTC time zone and English locale.

fetchGroupUsersStatus : Enums.TaskStatus

Returns the status of the fetchGroupUsers task (read-only).

See also Enums.TaskStatus.

groupDescription : string

Returns the group description (read-only).

groupId : string

Returns the group ID (read-only).

invitationOnly : bool

Returns whether group membership is invitation-only (read-only).

If this is set to true, users will not be able to apply to join the group.

json : jsobject

The JSON representation of the PortalGroup.

portal is conserved

modified : date

Returns the time the group was last modified (read-only).

Always a Gregorian calendar using UTC time zone and English locale.

owner : string

Returns the username of the owner of the group (read-only).

phone : string

Returns the telephone number of the group (read-only).

portal : Portal

Returns the portal associated with the group (read-only).

snippet : string

Returns the summary description snippet for this group (read-only).

sortField : Enums.PortalGroupSortField

Returns the field that items in this group are sorted by.

See also Enums.PortalGroupSortField.

sortOrder : Enums.PortalQuerySortOrder

Returns the sort order for items in this group.

See also Enums.PortalQuerySortOrder.

tags : list<string>

Returns the user-defined tags that describe the group.

Queries can use the tags field to find groups with particular tags.

See also PortalQueryParametersForGroups.

thumbnailUrl : url

Returns the URL of the thumbnail used for the group.

All group thumbnails are relative to the URL: http://<community-url>/groups/<groupId>/info.

title : string

Returns the title of the group (read-only).

unknownJson : jsobject

Returns the unknown JSON from the source JSON.

See also JsonSerializable.

unsupportedJson : jsobject

Returns the unsupported data from the source JSON.

See also JsonSerializable.

users : list<string>

Returns a list of strings representing users of the group.

viewOnly : bool

Returns whether group membership is view-only (read-only).

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the fetchGroupUsersStatus property changes.

Note: The corresponding handler is onFetchGroupUsersStatusChanged.

Method Documentation

void fetchGroupUsers()

Starts an operation to fetch users and admins of the group.

The fetchGroupUsersStatus property indicates the status of the operation.

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