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OgcFeatureCollectionTable QML Type

An OGC API - Features feature-collection table. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.11
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.9




Detailed Description

The OGC API - Features API provides building blocks for manipulating features on the Web. For more information about the OGC API - Features specification, see

See also FeatureTable.

Property Documentation

featureCollectionInfo : OgcFeatureCollectionInfo

The OGC API - Features feature-collection metadata, which includes id, title, and description.

This property may not be changed after the feature table is loaded.

featureRequestMode : Enums.FeatureRequestMode

The mode defining when features are requested from the service.

Note: at the current release, OgcFeatureCollectionTable only supports Enums.FeatureRequestModeManualCache mode, but defaults to Enums.FeatureRequestModeOnInteractionCache mode. Set the FeatureRequestMode to Enums.FeatureRequestModeManualCache before the table is loaded.

populateFromServiceResult : FeatureQueryResult

The result returned when the asynchronous populateFromService operation completes (read-only).

populateFromServiceStatus : Enums.TaskStatus

The current status of the asynchronous populateFromService operation (read-only).

url : url

The URL of the OGC API - Features service landing page.

This property may not be changed after the feature table is loaded.

Method Documentation

string populateFromService(QueryParameters parameters, bool clearCache, list<string> outfields)

Populate the OGC API - Features feature-collection table with the results of a query.

  • parameters - Parameters that define how features are returned from the service.
  • clearCache - If true, clears existing table data before populating it with features returned from the service.
  • outfields - A list containing string.

Use the default (empty) QueryParameters to get all features from the service. Specifying null or an empty list for outfields will result in the default set of outfields being used. Spatial queries (those that specify geometries) must use the Intersects spatial relationship.

Returns a string representing the task ID of the asynchronous task.

void setCollectionId(string collectionId)

Sets the identifier of the OGC API - Features feature-collection.

  • collectionId - A unique identifier for the OGC API - Features feature-collection.

This method must be called before the layer is loaded or else an error will occur.

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