UtilityDomainNetwork QML Type

  • Esri.ArcGISRuntime
  • UtilityDomainNetwork
  • A domain network inside a utility network. More...

    Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime
    Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.7




    • UtilityTier tier(string tierName)
    • UtilityTier tierGroup(string tierGroupName)

    Detailed Description

    Domain networks organize features in a utility network based on what utility service they provide, such as natural gas, water, electricity, or structural elements such as poles or conduits. Each utility network will have a single structure network and one or more domain networks for the actual utility services they provide.

    UtilityDomainNetwork objects can be obtained from the utility network definition using the UtilityNetworkDefinition.domainNetworks property.

    Property Documentation

    [read-only] alias : string

    Returns the display (non-normalized) name of the UtilityDomainNetwork.

    This name is suitable for display to end-users.

    [read-only] domainNetworkId : int

    Returns the ID of the UtilityDomainNetwork.

    [read-only] isStructureNetwork : bool

    Returns whether this UtilityDomainNetwork is the structure network.

    [read-only] name : string

    Returns the normalized name of the UtilityDomainNetwork.

    [read-only] networkSources : list<UtilityNetworkSource>

    Returns the collection of UtilityNetworkSource objects in this UtilityDomainNetwork.

    See also UtilityNetworkSource.

    [read-only] subnetworkControllerType : Enums.UtilitySubnetworkControllerType

    Returns the type of subnetwork controller supported in this UtilityDomainNetwork.

    See also Enums.UtilitySubnetworkControllerType.

    [read-only] tierGroups : list<UtilityTierGroup>

    Returns a collection of all of the UtilityTierGroup objects for this domain network.

    Only hierarchical domain networks support tier groups. If no tier groups exist, an empty list is returned.

    See also UtilityTierGroup.

    [read-only] tierType : Enums.UtilityTierType

    Returns the tier type of this domain network.

    Valid values in the Enums.UtilityTierType enum are Hierarchical (typically used with pressure networks) and Partitioned (typically used with electrical networks).

    See also Enums.UtilityTierType.

    [read-only] tiers : list<UtilityTier>

    Returns a collection of all of the UtilityTier objects for this domain network.

    See also UtilityTier.

    Method Documentation

    UtilityTier tier(string tierName)

    Returns the UtilityTier object with the specified name.

    • tierName - The name of the desired UtilityTier object to return.

    UtilityTier tierGroup(string tierGroupName)

    Returns the UtilityTierGroup object with the specified name

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