PortalQueryParametersForItems QML Type

  • Esri.ArcGISRuntime
  • PortalQueryParametersForItems
  • The query parameters suitable for finding content contained in a portal. More...

    Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime
    Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0




    Detailed Description

    Properties are provided for a number of particular parameters: groupId, itemId, owner and types. There are also a number of properties for a searchString that can be a complex expression, containing names and values of one or more fields, for example "owner:username AND title:mygroupname".

    A typical usage pattern is:

    Example: Use query parameters to retrieve web maps with specific tags from a portal:

    // webmaps authored prior to July 2nd, 2014 are not supported - so search only from that date to the current time
    property string fromDate: "000000" + new Date('2014-07-02T00:00:00Z').getTime()
    property string toDate: "000000" + new Date().getTime()
    PortalQueryParametersForItems {
        id: webmapQuery
        types: [ Enums.PortalItemTypeWebMap ]
        searchString: 'tags:\"' + keyWordField.text + '\" AND + uploaded:[' + fromDate + ' TO ' + toDate +']';

    Example: Obtain the next set of query parameters from a result set:

    const nextQuery = portal.findItemsResult.nextQueryParameters;
    // check whether the startIndex of the new query is valid
    if (nextQuery.startIndex !== -1)

    Detailed information on search capabilities and syntax can be found in the ArcGIS REST API.

    See also Portal, PortalItem, and PortalQueryResultSetForItems.

    Property Documentation

    groupId : string

    The ID of the PortalGroup for which all items must belong.

    See also PortalGroup.

    itemId : string

    The ID of the specific PortalItem to be retrieved.

    See also PortalItem.

    owner : string

    The username of the PortalUser to whom all the items must belong.

    See also PortalUser.

    searchString : string

    The custom search string to be used for querying.

    See the ArcGIS REST API for more details.

    types : list<Enums.PortalItemType>

    The list of types of PortalItem to retrieve.

    See also Enums.PortalItemType.

    Signal Documentation


    Emitted when the groupId property changes.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onGroupIdChanged.


    Emitted when the itemId property changes.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onItemIdChanged.


    Emitted when the owner property changes.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onOwnerChanged.


    Emitted when the searchString property changes.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onSearchStringChanged.


    Emitted when the types property changes.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onTypesChanged.

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