PortalPrivilegeListModel QML Type

Represents the set of privileges possessed by a portal user. More...

Import Statement: import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.14
Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.0




  • bool contains(PortalPrivilege portalPrivilege)
  • error forEach(callback)
  • PortalPrivilege get(int index)
  • int indexOf(PortalPrivilege portalPrivilege)

Detailed Description

This type is returned by calling privileges on a PortalUser object. Each privilege permits the user to peform specific operations on the portal.

The model returns data for the following roles:

portalPrivilegeRealmEnums.PortalPrivilegeRealmThe realm the privilege belongs to.
portalPrivilegeRoleEnums.PortalPrivilegeRoleThe role the privilege applies to.
portalPrivilegeTypeEnums.PortalPrivilegeTypeThe operation permitted by the privilege.
portalPrivilegeSubtypeEnums.PortalPrivilegeSubtypeThe fine-grained operation permitted by the privilege.


Accessing various roles of the model from within a QML delegate:

    anchors.fill: parent
    // acccess the portalPrivilegeRealm, portalPrivilegeRole, portalPrivilegeType
    // and portalPrivilegeSubtype roles of the model
    text: "realm:" + portalPrivilegeRealm + "; role:" + portalPrivilegeRole + "; type:" + portalPrivilegeType +
          "; subtype:" + portalPrivilegeSubtype
    wrapMode: Text.WrapAnywhere

See also Portal and PortalPrivilege.

Property Documentation

count : int

Returns the number of objects in the model (read-only).

error : Error

Returns the error (if any) that occurred (read-only).

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the count property of the model changes.

Note: The corresponding handler is onCountChanged.


Signal emitted when the error property changes, which can indicate that an error occurred.

Note: The corresponding handler is onErrorChanged.

portalPrivilegeAdded(int index)

Signal emitted when a privilege is added to the model. index The index at which the PortalPrivilege was added.

Note: The corresponding handler is onPortalPrivilegeAdded.

portalPrivilegeRemoved(int index)

Signal emitted when an item is privilege from the model. index The index at which the PortalPrivilege was removed.

Note: The corresponding handler is onPortalPrivilegeRemoved.

Method Documentation

bool contains(PortalPrivilege portalPrivilege)

Returns true if the list model contains the specified portalPrivilege.

error forEach(callback)

Receives a callback function to execute for each privilege in the model.

The callback function can take 0 to 3 optional arguments, in order:

Returns undefined if no error occurred, and an error message otherwise.

const error = PortalPrivilegeListModel.forEach(function(element, index, array) {
if (error) {

PortalPrivilege get(int index)

Returns the PortalPrivilege at the specified index.

int indexOf(PortalPrivilege portalPrivilege)

Returns the index of a specific portal privilege (portalPrivilege) from the list model.

This method was introduced in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.5..

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