Add a file as an item

New item window showing the process of uploading files to ArcGIS.

Adding files as new items to the portal is a simple process that allows you to upload various types of data, such as shapefiles, CSV files, imagery, and more. By adding these files as items, you can use the portal's mapping and analysis capabilities to visualize, analyze, and share spatial data. This process enhances data accessibility, and helps with collaboration and decision-making across organizations by adding and sharing geospatial information in ArcGIS.

Supported file types

Various types of files can be added to the portal including:

  • Shapefiles (.shp).
  • CSV files (.csv).
  • TXT files (.txt).
  • GPX files (.gpsx).
  • Raster datasets (.tiff, .png, .jpg, etc.).
  • Vector tile packages.
  • Scene layer packages.

These files can be used to create layers and maps using Map Viewer enabling users to visualize and analyze geospatial data. Additionally, the supported data types support a wide range of formats such as:

  • CAD datasets.
  • Excel worksheets.
  • LAS datasets.
  • Function rasters.
  • TIN datasets.

The flexibility in supported file types allows users to work with various data sources and formats to enhance their spatial analysis and mapping capabilities.

How to add files

Below is an example of adding a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to the portal.

To add an Excel file, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click Contents > New Item.
  2. You can either drag and drop the Excel file you want to add or choose it from your device by browsing to its location.
  3. Verify the location fields in the Excel file have been correctly identified.
    • For example: Ensure longitude and latitude information or address information is correctly configured.
  4. Provide information for the Excel file like title, tags, and summary.
  5. Select a folder where you want to save the item in your account.
  6. Save the changes.


API support

ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript1111
ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET1111
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Kotlin1111
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift1111
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java1111
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt1111
ArcGIS API for Python
Esri Leaflet222222
MapLibre GL JS222222
Full supportPartial supportNo support
  • 1. Limited operations, use HTTP requests.
  • 2. Access via ArcGIS REST JS.


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