Introduction to map tile services

Map tile service for global landcover at small scales (global to regional)

What is a map tile service?

A map tile service, also known as a raster tile service, is a data service that provides access to tile data. The tiles are composed of images and do not contain attributes. A map tile service is created (published) from an existing hosted feature layer. Each service is composed of one tiled dataset and does not contain multiple layers like feature services. The tiles represent a "snapshot" of the features in a feature layer. If the features in the feature layer change, the map tile layer needs to be regenerated to match. The tiles are stored as caches of images (PNG32) for different zoom levels. Map tile services are typically used to effectively display large amounts of feature data in mapping applications as image tiles.

What can you do with a map tile service?

You use a map tile service when you want to:

  • Publish a map tile service from a feature layer in feature service.
  • Store and access data as pre-cached image tiles in different formats e.g. JPEG or PNG.
  • Optimize accessing and displaying large amounts of data as tiles.
  • Use image tile data in offline applications.

What does the service URL look like?

When you publish a new map tile service, the URL is created by the system. To find the URL you can use the hosted map tile layer item in the portal associated with your ArcGIS account.

The service URL format to access the service is:

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The service URL format to access the map tiles is:

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Add a feature layer

Add a vector tile layer

Access and display a vector tile layer in a map.

Add a map tile layer

Access and display a map tile layer in a map.

Query a feature layer (spatial)

Execute a spatial query to get features from a feature layer.

Query a feature layer (SQL)

Edit feature data

Add, update, and delete features in a feature service.

Display a popup

Format a popup to show attributes in a feature layer.



Feature service

Add, update, delete, and query feature data.

Vector tile service

Store and access vector tile data.

Map tile service

Store and access map tile data.

API support

Use data management tools or Client APIs to create, manage, and access data services. The table below outlines the level of support for each API.

ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Kotlin1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt1
ArcGIS API for Python
Esri Leaflet2
MapLibre GL JS23
Full supportPartial supportNo support
  • 1. Use portal class and direct REST API requests
  • 2. Access via ArcGIS REST JS
  • 3. Requires manually setting styles for renderers


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