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TrackingStatus Class


Defines route tracking current status data. More...

Header: #include <TrackingStatus>
Since: Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.6
Inherits: Object

Public Functions

int currentManeuverIndex() const
TrackingProgress *destinationProgress() const
DestinationStatus destinationStatus() const
Location displayLocation() const
bool isOnRoute() const
bool isRouteCalculating() const
Location locationOnRoute() const
TrackingProgress *maneuverProgress() const
int remainingDestinationCount() const
TrackingProgress *routeProgress() const
RouteResult routeResult() const
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Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Defines route tracking current status data.

Contains information about route tracker status. Used with the RouteTracker, this type contains a report of tracking status. It is returned from several tracking-related methods and signals to report the current tracking status.

Member Function Documentation



int TrackingStatus::currentManeuverIndex() const

Returns the current maneuver index.

The index of current maneuver in Route::directionManeuvers.

TrackingProgress *TrackingStatus::destinationProgress() const

Returns current TrackingProgress until next destination (stop).

DestinationStatus TrackingStatus::destinationStatus() const

Returns current DestinationStatus.

Location TrackingStatus::displayLocation() const

Returns the display location with position and bearing adjusted based on the route.

If current location isOnRoute = true then this will be an adjusted location (snapped to route) and bearing (smoothed). If current location isOnRoute = false then this will be the passed in GPS location, but with an adjusted bearing (smoothed). This location should be used for displaying current position on a map.

bool TrackingStatus::isOnRoute() const

Returns whether the current location is on the route.

bool TrackingStatus::isRouteCalculating() const

Returns whether route calculation is in progress.

Location TrackingStatus::locationOnRoute() const

Returns current location on route.

This is the snapped-to-route location of the last GPS location passed in to RouteTracker::trackLocation. If isOnRoute is true, this location will be the same as the TrackingStatus::displayLocation. If isOnRoute is false, the last location that was on the route will be returned.

TrackingProgress *TrackingStatus::maneuverProgress() const

Returns current TrackingProgress along current maneuver.

int TrackingStatus::remainingDestinationCount() const

Returns the remaining destination count.

The number of (routed) stops yet to be visited. Value does not include waypoints, unlocated/unrouted locations. Calling RouteTracker::switchToNextDestination will decrease value.

TrackingProgress *TrackingStatus::routeProgress() const

Returns current TrackingProgress along entire route.

RouteResult TrackingStatus::routeResult() const

Returns the RouteResult presently being used by route tracker.

If rerouting happened during tracking, this RouteResult can be different than the RouteResult originally set in the RouteTracker.

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